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Dad Glossary

Applesauce Artist: Any child given freedom with a spoon and some puree.
Babbling Bard: A baby who communicates in mysterious monologues.
Bath Bubble Bandit: A kid who uses the entire bottle of bubble bath in one go.
Bath Bubble Blaster: A child who creates a tsunami in the bathtub.
Bath Time Buccaneer: A toddler who splashes like a pirate in the tub.
Bath-Battler: A kid who sees the bath as a site for epic fights.
Bath-Bubble Bandit: A child who uses too much bubble bath.
Bathwater Brewer: A child who mixes all bath products into one concoction.
Bedtime Bargainer: A child with a million reasons why bedtime should be postponed.
Binky Boss: The baby who won’t settle for any pacifier but their favorite.
Binky-Blacksmith: The act of constantly adjusting the pacifier to just the right spot.
Binky-Bounty: The collection of pacifiers found under the couch.
Binky-finky: The art of rejecting every pacifier but the favorite one.
Blanket Burrito: Swaddling a baby so snugly they look ready to be served.
Blanket-Fort Architect: Master of creating epic blanket forts.
Blankie Baron: The toddler who won’t go anywhere without their favorite blanket.
Blankie-Bandit: The child who steals all the blankets.
Boo-Boo Boss: A toddler with a dramatic reaction to the smallest scrape.
Boo-Boo Brigade: Parents on the constant lookout for minor injuries.

Booger Bandit: A baby notorious for their never-ending supply of boogers.

Booger-bonanza: An impressive collection of nasal treasures.
Bottle-rocket: A baby bottle left under too much pressure.
Bouncer Baron: A baby who loves their bouncy seat more than anything.
Bubble Bath Baroness/Baron: A kid who reigns over a kingdom of bath bubbles.
Bubble Bath Brewer: Creating the perfect bath time experience.
Bubble Blower: Refers to babies who love making spit bubbles.
Bubble Brigade: The group effort to blow bubbles for an enthusiastic toddler.
Bubble Whisperer: A toddler who can blow bubbles with any tool given.
Bubblewrath: The anger when bubbles stop appearing.
Burp-Baron: A baby who can out-burp the adults.
Car-Circus: Every road trip with kids.
Carseat Contortionist: A child who can twist and turn to avoid being buckled in.
Cheeky Chomper: A teething baby who bites everything in sight.
Cheerio Chemist: A toddler experimenting with how many cereal pieces fit in one cup.
Cheese Puff Chef: Any toddler left alone with snacks for more than a minute.
Chore Choreographer: A parent who turns cleaning into a dance routine.
Chore-Whisperer: The parent who can get kids to clean without them realizing.
Crayon Connoisseur: A toddler who believes walls are just big coloring books.
Crayon Connoisseur: The toddler art critic with a preference for wall canvases.
Crayon Curator: A child who insists on using every color in the box for every drawing.
Crayon-cuisine: Anything with enough color to be mistaken for food by a toddler.
Crib Lava: The imaginary lava that keeps the toddler from staying in bed.
Crib-Comedian: A baby amusing themselves (and you) in their crib.
Criespresso: What parents need to drink after a night of baby cries.
Cry-Cipher: Decoding what each cry means.
Cuddle Connoisseur: A child who only wants hugs on their terms.
Cuddlebug: A child who suddenly wants hugs all day.
Cuddle-Commando: A kid who needs constant hugs and snuggles.
Dance Party DJ: The parent with the best playlist to get tiny feet moving.
Diaper Bag Diver: Digging through the diaper bag abyss for that one thing.
Diaper Diva: A baby with strong opinions about changing time.
Diaper Sniper: The sudden, unexpected reach into a dirty diaper.
Diaper-Dynamo: A parent who can change a diaper with lightning speed.
Diaper-nami: A particularly disastrous diaper situation.
Dinner Doodler: A child who uses food as their canvas.
Doodle Dictator: A toddler with a crayon and a “decorate everything” attitude.
Doodle-Dynamo: A child with an unstoppable urge to draw everywhere.
Dress-Up Diva/Divo: A child with a flair for the dramatic and a love of costumes.
Drool Decorator: A baby who leaves a trail of drool on everything.
Drool Pool: The tiny lake formed on surfaces by a teething baby.
Drool-factory: A baby in peak teething mode.
Droop-Drool: The art of falling asleep mid-meal.
Finger Paint Philosopher: A toddler deeply absorbed in creating art with paints.
Food-Flinger: Expert at sending food flying.
Fortune Teller: A parent predicting the next mess before it happens.
Fuss-Festival: A day with more tantrums than usual.
Germ-jamboree: A playdate or daycare center.
Giggle Generator: A particularly ticklish baby.
Giggle-fits: Sudden bursts of laughter for no apparent reason.
Giggle-Gusher: A baby laughing uncontrollably.
Giggles Galore Guru: The parent who can always elicit laughs.
Gigglesmith: A baby who finds laughter in everything.
Gigglesnort: The funny sound made when laughing and snorting collide.
Giggling Ghost: A child laughing from another room, sound happy yet eerily distant.
Goldfish Gourmet: A child with a refined palate for all varieties of goldfish crackers.
Goo-Goblin: A particularly messy eater.
Growth Spurt Guesser: Predicting when the next outgrown clothes wave will hit.
Growth-Grenade: When kids suddenly outgrow all their clothes at once.
Highchair Houdini: A child who can escape any strapped seat.
Hug-Hijacker: A child who demands hugs at the most inconvenient times.
Jelly Jam Jester: A child who finds humor in spreading jelly everywhere.
Lap Landmine: Sitting down only to be immediately covered in toys or kids.
Laptrap: Being stuck under a sleeping baby.
Laugh-Lava: The unstoppable flow of giggles.
Laundry Lifter: The parent constantly picking up after little ones.
Lollipop-Lord: The child who is surprisingly good at finding hidden candy.
Lullaby Lyricist: Parents who make up their own, often nonsensical, bedtime songs.
Lullaby-Linguist: A parent who makes up words to songs they can’t remember.
Lunchbox Legislator: A toddler dictating what will and won’t be acceptable in their lunchbox.
Lunchbox Lobbyist: Negotiating what goes into the school lunchbox.
Mess Magnet: A child who can find messes in the most unlikely places.
Midnight Marauder: A child who mysteriously appears at the parents’ bedside in the night.
Midnight Marauder: A child who roams the house at night.
Milk Monster: A baby who is very enthusiastic about feeding times.
Milk-drunk: The blissful state after a good feed.
Milk-Mustache Maker: The aftermath of a baby learning to drink from a cup.
Mischief Manager: The parent always one step behind the toddler’s latest scheme.
Mischief-Maker: A child always up to something sneaky.
Monster Mediator: Convincing a child that there are no monsters under the bed.
Mudpie Maestro: A child skilled in the art of dirt and water culinary creations.
Mystery Muncher: The unknown fate of snacks given to a toddler.
Nap Fighter: A child who resists all attempts at daytime sleep.
Nap Negotiator: The delicate art of convincing a toddler to take a nap.
Napkin Ninja: Trying to clean a toddler’s face before they even notice.
Nap-Negotiator: A parent who can bargain a child into naptime.
Nap-nope: When a toddler refuses to nap.
Nightlight-Navigator: A kid who can find their way around even in the dark.
Nighttime Ninja: Checking on sleeping kids without making a sound.
Nocturnal Negotiator: A baby who confuses night and day.
Nose-Ninja: A child adept at dodging face wipes.
Nursery Rhyme Remix: The parent’s version of classic songs with their own twist.
Pacifier Paladin: The brave journey to find the lost pacifier.
Pacifier Poet: The mysterious and often humorous places a pacifier ends up.
Pacifier Prospector: The constant quest to find where the pacifier went.
Pacifier-Palooza: The collection of pacifiers for every mood and occasion.
Pacifind: The constant state of looking for the pacifier.
Pajama Day Pro: A family that masters the art of staying in pajamas all day long.
Pajama Day Promoter: Celebrating the days when getting dressed is optional.
Pajama-Parade: The refusal to wear anything but pajamas.
Peek-a-Boo Professional: A baby fascinated by the age-old game of disappearing faces.
Peekaboo-itis: The need to play peekaboo over and over… and over.
Peekaboo-Pro: A baby who can’t get enough of the game.
Play-Doh Pâtissier: A child who can turn modeling clay into a five-course meal.
Playground Politician: A toddler who makes and enforces the rules of the slide and swings.
Pooplosion: When a diaper fails to contain what it must.
Porridge Picasso: Any child left alone with food and a willingness to decorate.
Potty Parade Leader: Marching the toddler to the bathroom multiple times a day.
Potty Pirate: A toddler who suddenly loves to explore the toilet.
Potty Poet: A toddler with a lot to say while on the toilet.
Potty-plotter: A toddler scheming to avoid the potty at all costs.
Pudding-paws: What happens after unsupervised yogurt time.
Puddle Jumper: A child who finds and jumps in every puddle they see.
Puddle-Pirate: A kid who can find every puddle to jump in.
Puppeteer Parent: Mastering the art of distraction with toys, food, or funny faces.
Rattle Rapper: A baby who can make more noise with a rattle than a drummer.
Rattle-Rapper: A baby who makes music with anything shakeable.
Rug Rat Racer: A crawling baby on the move, especially towards things they shouldn’t touch.
Silence-Suspicion: The worry when kids are suddenly too quiet.
Silent Alarm: The soundless, yet palpable, presence of a child by your bedside at night.
Sippy Cup Saloon: The mysterious place where all the missing sippy cups hide.
Sippy Sleuth: The ongoing investigation into where all the cup lids disappear to.
Sippy Sommelier: A child with a particular preference for just one sippy cup.
Sippy-cup Saloon: Where all the missing sippy cups go to hide.
Sleep Scientist: Parents trying every method to get baby to sleep through the night.
Sleep Strike Specialist: A child who has decided sleep is completely unnecessary.
Sleeping Beauty Syndrome: The miraculous, peaceful face of a sleeping child, no matter the day’s chaos.
Sleep-Scavenger: The parent searching for any opportunity to nap.
Sleep-Sorcerer: A child who can fall asleep anywhere, anytime
Sleep-tease: When a baby pretends to fall asleep then suddenly revives.
Snack Sneak: A little one who can find and access snacks against all odds.
Snack-Hoarder: A child who keeps snacks in secret places.
Snack-Sneak: The parent’s act of eating treats covertly.
Snacktator: A toddler who demands snacks all day long.
Snacktime Strategist: Planning the day around snacks to avoid meltdowns.
Sneak Peek Sleeper: A parent trying to check on a sleeping baby without waking them.
Sneaker Sniffer: A parent tasked with smelling toddler shoes to find the stinky one.
Sneak-Snooze: The act of pretending to nap to get a child to sleep.
Sneaky Snuggler: A kid who creeps into the parent’s bed in the middle of the night.
Snotscape: The aftermath of a baby sneezing without a tissue nearby.
Snuggle Scientist: Finding the exact angle and position for the perfect baby cuddle.
Snuggle Snatcher: A child who only wants cuddles on their terms.
Snuggle-Storm: The group family cuddle on lazy mornings.
Sock-ness Monster: The creature suspected of eating all the baby socks.
Spaghetti Stylist: A toddler’s way of wearing more food than they eat.
Spaghetti-slinger: A child who has turned dinner into a sport.
Squawk-box: A very loud baby or toddler.
Squish Squasher: The act of squeezing baby cheeks or thighs.
Squish-Squash: The sound of stepping on yet another discarded snack.
Stealth-Peeper: Parents checking on sleeping kids.
Sticky Fingers Storyteller: The tales of where those sticky hands have been.
Sticky Handshake: The inevitable toddler greeting involving something sticky.
Storybook Skipper: A parent who cleverly omits parts of a bedtime story to finish sooner.
Story-Spinner: A parent who tells the best bedtime stories.
Stroller Derby: The chaotic race through stores or parks with a stroller.
Stroller Sprinter: Speeding through stores or crowds with a stroller.
Tantrum Tornado: A child who whirls into a meltdown out of nowhere.
Tantrumonster: A usually sweet child who occasionally turns into a wild beast.
Teetheasy: The mythical period where a baby gets teeth without fuss.
Teether Tycoon: A baby with a collection of teething rings to rival a jewelry store.
Teething Terror: The period where a baby becomes a drooling, biting machine.
Tickle-Terror: The act of tickling until laughter turns to plea for mercy.
Time Traveler: A parent reminiscing how fast the baby years fly by.
Toddler Tornado: The whirlwind of energy and mess that follows a toddler wherever they go.
Toddler Translator: The parent who understands every babble and point.
Toy Triage Technician: Sorting through toys to decide which to keep, donate, or “disappear.”
Toy Tycoon: A little one who believes all toys are theirs.
Toydozer: The child who leaves a trail of toys like a bulldozer.
Toy-Tornado: A child’s ability to turn a tidy room into a toy disaster.
Tummy Time Trainer: Encouraging a baby through belly-down play.
Tummy Trouble Trooper: The parent who has become an expert on baby gas pains.
Wail-a-thon: Continuous crying sessions.
Whine Whiz: A toddler who has turned whining into an art form.
Whine-o-clock: That time of day when everything is a tragedy.
Whisper-Warlock: A parent who can quiet a room with a hush.
Wiggle Worm: A baby or child who can’t seem to sit still.
Wipe Warlock: The parent who can clean any mess with a single baby wipe.
Wipe-Warrior: Armed with baby wipes, ready for messes.
Wobble Walker: A newly toddling toddler, unsteady but unstoppable.
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