9 Best Dad Bloggers to Follow in 2024 from Daily Daddy Dose

9 Best Dad Bloggers to Follow in 2024

Looking to delve into the world of dad blogging? You’re in for a treat. Dad bloggers are making their mark in the parenting blogosphere, sharing their unique perspectives and experiences of fatherhood. Dad blogging isn’t just about chronicling the trials and triumphs of parenting; it’s a platform for dads to connect, share, and inspire each other. From heartfelt reflections on fatherhood to practical parenting tips, dad bloggers offer a diverse range of content that resonates with many.

For many dads, blogging provides an opportunity to document precious memories, express their thoughts, and even make a living. The online world of dad blogging is teeming with creativity and community, offering a space for dads to find support, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging. Whether you’re a seasoned dad looking to share your wealth of parenting wisdom or a new dad navigating the joys and challenges of fatherhood, the dad blogging community welcomes you with open arms.

As you explore the realm of dad blogging, take inspiration from some of the best dad bloggers out there. Their stories, advice, and musings can serve as a guiding light as you embark on your own blogging journey. So, grab a cup of coffee, find a cozy spot, and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of dad blogging. Your unique voice and experiences as a dad have the power to resonate with and inspire others.

Key Takeaways

  • Dad bloggers provide valuable and practical advice for parents of babies and 1- to 2-year-olds, offering genuine insights from real dads.
  • Monetization strategies for dad bloggers include affiliate links, online courses, merchandise, and sponsored posts.
  • Dad bloggers with a focus on technology and gadgets offer insights into the latest gadgets and how they enhance the parenting experience.
  • Dad bloggers with a unique perspective on fatherhood and LGBTQ issues share their experiences as gay dads and incorporate monetization strategies such as affiliate links and showcasing their work as illustrators and designers.

What is a Dad Blog?

Amidst the diverse and relatable content offered by influential dad bloggers, it’s important to understand what exactly constitutes a dad blog. A dad blogger is a father who shares their experiences, opinions, and advice related to parenting through various online platforms such as blogs, vlogs, and social media. They often provide a unique perspective on fatherhood, family life, and child development, aiming to connect with other fathers and offer insights into the challenges and joys of raising children.

Dad bloggers are known for sharing personal stories and practical tips, creating a sense of community and support for their audience. Whether it’s through written blog posts, videos, or podcasts, these bloggers play a crucial role in the online parenting community, offering relatable content and fostering discussions on important parenting topics.

Their content ranges from humorous anecdotes to heartfelt reflections, making dad blogs a valuable resource for fathers seeking guidance, reassurance, and inspiration in their parenting journey. These blogs also serve as a platform for dads to engage in conversations about modern fatherhood, breaking stereotypes, and redefining traditional parenting roles.

In essence, a dad blog is a digital space where fathers can express themselves, share their parenting experiences, and provide support and guidance to other dads. It’s a hub of relatable and informative content that celebrates the joys and navigates the challenges of modern fatherhood.


9 Best Dad Bloggers to Follow - Fathercraft

If you’re seeking valuable parenting advice and product reviews tailored for parents of babies and 1- to 2-year-olds, Fathercraft, founded by dad bloggers and brothers-in-law Paul Zalewski and John Doht, is a must-follow daddy blog. This popular dad blog is a treasure trove of insights and resources for navigating the early years of fatherhood. The blog’s focus on the specific needs of parents with young children sets it apart from other fatherhood blogs.

Fathercraft offers practical and genuine advice from the perspective of real dads who understand the challenges and joys of raising young children. The content is relatable and resonates with stay-at-home dads, working fathers, and all caregivers involved in nurturing little ones. The blog’s product reviews are thorough and trustworthy, ensuring that you can make informed decisions about the items you purchase for your child.

In addition to providing valuable content, Fathercraft monetizes through affiliate links and offers online courses and merchandise, including a stylish diaper bag designed specifically for dads. This demonstrates a commitment to supporting and equipping fathers as they embrace their roles as caregivers.

Whether you’re a first-time dad or a seasoned parent, Fathercraft’s free downloadable resources and engaging content make it one of the best dad blogs to follow. The blog’s emphasis on the unique experiences of parents with babies and toddlers makes it an invaluable resource for dads navigating the early stages of fatherhood.


9 Best Dad Bloggers to Follow - HighTechDad

Fathercraft is a valuable resource for dads navigating the early stages of fatherhood, and if you’re a gadget-loving and geek dad, you’ll feel right at home at HighTechDad. Run by Michael Sheehan, this dad blog example covers a wide range of gadget and tech topics with a parenting slant, making it a perfect fit for dads who love all things tech-related. HighTechDad not only offers valuable insights into the latest gadgets but also provides a unique perspective on how these technologies can enhance the parenting experience.

HighTechDad’s focus on tech and gadgets for parents sets it apart as a go-to resource for tech-savvy dads. The blog effectively leverages affiliate marketing to monetize its content, often featuring reviews, product roundups, and a dedicated shop filled with products linked to affiliates, making it a prime example of a profitable blogging niche. For new dad blogs, HighTechDad offers a fresh and modern take on fatherhood, catering specifically to dads who are passionate about technology and how it can streamline and improve the parenting journey.

If you’re on the lookout for daddy influencers or a stay at home dads blog with a tech twist, HighTechDad is definitely worth following. It provides a blend of parenting advice and the latest tech trends, making it a must-read for dads who want to stay ahead of the curve in both fatherhood and technology.

Designer Daddy

9 Best Dad Bloggers to Follow - Designer Daddy

Brent Almond’s blog, Designer Daddy, offers a unique perspective on fatherhood and LGBTQ issues, sharing his experiences as a gay dad raising an adopted son. As a daddy blogger, Designer Daddy stands out among the best daddy blogs for its personal touch and colorful design. The blog takes a traditional approach, with a classic sidebar and family photos, providing a glimpse into Brent’s life as a father. Through his writing, Brent also delves into LGBTQ issues, offering insights and experiences that resonate with many readers.

In addition to his blog content, Brent incorporates monetization strategies such as affiliate links. Moreover, he leverages his blog to showcase his work as an illustrator and designer, creating opportunities for freelance work. This multifaceted approach not only enriches the blog but also serves as a testament to Brent’s creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

For new father blog seekers, Designer Daddy offers a refreshing and authentic perspective. The blog’s focus on Brent’s journey as a stay-at-home gay dad navigating the nuances of fatherhood and LGBTQ issues sets it apart within the dad blogging sphere. Its relatable content and vibrant design make it a valuable resource for fathers from diverse backgrounds.

In the realm of father blogs, Designer Daddy makes a mark as a blog that not only shares personal experiences but also sparks important conversations about modern fatherhood and the LGBTQ community.

Days of a Domestic Dad

9 Best Dad Bloggers to Follow - Days of Domestic Dad

Days of a Domestic Dad, authored by father of 5 and grandfather of 2, Colby Shipwash, offers a wealth of content covering family, home, and a wide range of topics including cars, travel, tech, and entertainment. This dad blogger’s posts range from advice on starting a family to practical how-to guides, such as cleaning dryer vents. The blog is a valuable resource for fathers, with a strong focus on providing relevant and useful information for dads. Colby Shipwash not only shares personal experiences but also delves into topics that resonate with new dads, making it an excellent blog for dads navigating the early stages of fatherhood.

Similar to other fathers’ blogs, Days of a Domestic Dad is monetized through affiliate marketing and features numerous product reviews. The blog also runs advertisements through Google AdSense. Colby Shipwash actively engages with his audience on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, using these channels to drive traffic to his blog. This approach has contributed to the blog’s success in reaching and resonating with a wide audience of fathers.

For dads seeking a blog that covers a diverse range of topics, from practical home advice to entertainment, Days of a Domestic Dad is a valuable resource. Whether you’re looking for tips on family life, travel recommendations for a family vacation, or insights into the latest tech gadgets, this daddy blog has something for everyone.

Lunchbox Dad

9 Best Dad Bloggers to Follow - Lunchbox Dad

If you’re looking for creative and fun lunch ideas for your kids that will make you reminisce about your step-dad’s fantastic lunch packing skills, then Lunchbox Dad, run by Beau Coffron, is the perfect blog for you. This blogger daddy shares a variety of innovative and engaging lunch ideas, including Bento-box style packed lunches, holiday-themed lunches, and lunches inspired by popular cartoon characters. The blog daddy, Beau Coffron, provides simple instructions that make it easy for fellow dads to gather inspiration and recreate these delightful lunches for their kids.

In addition to providing lunch ideas, the blog is monetized through affiliate links and sponsored posts. Beau Coffron has also expanded his reach by contributing to reputable platforms such as the Huffington Post and other sites, where he continues to share his creativity and expertise in the realm of lunch packing for kids.

Lunchbox Dad offers a refreshing and practical approach to making school lunches exciting and enjoyable for kids. By incorporating fun themes and creative presentations, these lunch ideas not only nourish the body but also stimulate the imagination. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie in the art of lunch packing, Lunchbox Dad is a valuable resource for any dad looking to add a touch of creativity to their children’s daily lunches.

The Father Hood

9 Best Dad Bloggers to Follow - The Father Hood

The Father Hood, founded by Australian dads Jeremy Macvean, Andrew McUtchen, and Luke Benedictus, provides thoughtful and practical content about fatherhood, covering a wide range of parenting topics and offering insights into the experiences of being a dad. From navigating the challenges of raising babies to dealing with the tumultuous teenage years, this dad blog offers valuable parenting tips for every stage. It also delves into areas like relationships, workplace issues, and mental health, addressing the holistic experience of fatherhood.

One unique aspect of The Father Hood is its interviews with well-known dads and dad bloggers, such as Joe Wicks, providing diverse perspectives on fatherhood. Moreover, the blog features numerous first-person accounts, allowing readers to relate to the real-life experiences of other fathers.

Notably, The Father Hood also generates revenue through the founders’ consulting business, collaborating with employers to create more supportive workplaces for dads. This practical approach sets it apart from other dad blogs, demonstrating a commitment to not only sharing insights but also actively working to improve the lives of fathers.

In essence, The Father Hood is a valuable resource for dads seeking genuine advice and relatable stories. Its comprehensive coverage of parenting topics and its focus on practical support make it a go-to for fathers looking to navigate the complexities of modern-day fatherhood.

Skint Dad

9 Best Dad Bloggers to Follow - Skint Dad

Skint Dad, a blog run by UK-based husband and wife team Ricky and Naomi Willis, offers practical money-saving tips and advice tailored for families on a tight budget. It’s all about ways to save money, make money, and manage money when you’ve got kids. The blog is aimed at families dealing with financial constraints and focuses on frugal living. While technically not a dad blog, it provides valuable insights for fathers who want to navigate the challenges of parenting on a budget. The site utilizes affiliate partnerships and advertisements to generate revenue.

Skint Dad’s content is not your typical parenting advice; instead, it provides specific strategies for managing finances as a parent. It’s a valuable resource for dads looking to optimize their family’s budget and make the most of their financial resources. The blog covers topics such as money management, frugal living, and practical ways to save on everyday expenses. Whether it’s tips for budget-friendly family activities, meal planning, or smart shopping strategies, Skint Dad offers actionable advice for dads and families alike.

Ricky and Naomi Willis have created a platform that resonates with many families facing similar financial challenges. Their practical approach to money management and saving has garnered a loyal following. For dads looking to enhance their financial literacy and optimize their family budget, Skint Dad is a valuable and relevant resource.

Direct Advice for Dads (DAD)

9 Best Dad Bloggers to Follow - DAD

Direct Advice for Dads (DAD) offers practical guidance and insights for navigating the early years of fatherhood. Run by HBF, an Australian not-for-profit health insurer, this blog and podcast provide valuable resources for new and expectant fathers. Hosted by dads Ross Edwards and Dan van der Meer, the platform primarily focuses on the journey of becoming a dad, welcoming a new baby, and navigating the toddler years.

One notable aspect of Direct Advice for Dads is its commitment to providing authentic and unbiased information. The site does not feature affiliate or advertising content, ensuring that the advice and recommendations are based solely on the experiences and expertise of the hosts. This commitment to transparency and integrity sets the platform apart, making it a reliable source of information for fathers.

Whether you’re seeking tips on balancing work and family life, understanding the needs of a newborn, or dealing with the challenges of fatherhood, Direct Advice for Dads offers a wealth of practical advice. The content is presented in a relatable and approachable manner, making it easy for dads to apply the insights to their own lives.

Daily Daddy Dose

9 Best Dad Bloggers to Follow - Daily Daddy Dose

Striving to provide daily doses of humor, advice, and encouragement for dads, the Daily Daddy Dose blog delivers relatable content that resonates with modern fathers. From tackling the challenges of parenting to finding time for self-care, this blog offers a wealth of practical tips and heartfelt reassurance. Whether you’re a new dad navigating the early stages of fatherhood or a seasoned parent seeking fresh perspectives, Daily Daddy Dose has something for everyone.

The blog’s lighthearted approach to sharing parenting experiences makes it an enjoyable and uplifting read. You’ll find yourself nodding along in agreement as the writers humorously recount their own parenting mishaps and triumphs. This genuine and down-to-earth style creates a strong sense of camaraderie among readers, assuring you that you’re not alone in the rollercoaster ride of fatherhood.

In addition to its entertaining content, Daily Daddy Dose doesn’t shy away from addressing the more serious aspects of fatherhood. It fearlessly dives into topics like mental health, work-life balance, and navigating difficult conversations with children. The blog’s willingness to tackle these important issues with empathy and understanding sets it apart as a valuable resource for dads who are seeking guidance and support.

Honorable Dad Blogger Mentions

If you’re seeking more inspiring dad blogs to add to your reading list, consider checking out the following influential dad bloggers. Dad and Buried, run by Mike Julianelle, has amassed a large following on Instagram and Twitter. In addition to his social media presence, Mike also shares longer-form content on his blog, making it a great resource for engaging and relatable dad-related content.

The Daddy Style Diaries, curated by Jeffrey E. Segura, covers a wide range of topics including style and travel. This blog features a mix of sponsored posts and first-person content, offering a unique perspective on fatherhood along with lifestyle insights.

Another noteworthy dad blog is “I Think Therefore I Dad” by Pat Kose, which delves into a variety of topics, ranging from the serious to the lighthearted. Pat’s personal blog provides an authentic and diverse look into the experiences and thoughts of a modern dad.

With so many great dad bloggers and influencers out there, it’s challenging to narrow down a definitive list. If your favorite dad blog wasn’t mentioned here, feel free to share it in the comments. The dad blogging community is filled with valuable perspectives and experiences, and there’s always room to discover more inspiring content.

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